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The Value of Visiting

Do you ever feel that if if you can't visit someone for at least a few hours, the visit isn't worth it? I used to feel this way but have recently been reminded about the Value of short visits!

Several weeks ago, my kids and I had planned to visit a cousin for at least 2 hours (en route to another family visit); we hadn't seen each other in 10 years! I planned the trip down well but I didn't account for the beyond-extra, annoying and unnecessary traffic that soon followed! After sending repeated ETA updates, we arrived at his house with only 30 minutes to spare. I had thought about skipping the visit altogether, as I didn't want to put any added pressure on him, but I decided against it. We spent a wonderful 30 minutes with my cousin and were able to reconnect. The kids played and we got to catch up with the family. I am so very happy that we did indeed stop.

On another more recent occassion, we had family coming by to visit. We thought they would stay for at least 2 hours so we were planning for snacks and to order dinner in. Lo and behold, we ended up visiting for about 45 minutes outside on our patio. They were in a bit of a time crunch but they saw the Value of stopping by for even that brief visit. We had a great time catching up and truly loved the visit!

Remember to value the shorter visits and moments in life. Take the time to go out of your way for someone else, especially for family and friends. Both visits were wonderful- on the giving end and the receiving end. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so truly cherish the time you have and jump on opportunities with seemingly "hidden" V


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