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Meet Anjali

I love helping people, collaborating with them, and helping them to become their best and happiest self! I believe in people’s capabilities and that each person is unique and has value. I trust in their ability to learn and grow and reach their full potential, especially with support.


I value meaningful relationships and know that listening and being present matters.​



Seminar in Field Instruction (SIFI) | 2007

Master of Science in Social Work | Columbia University, New York, NY | 2004

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | Boston University, Boston, MA | 2000

I describe myself as:

  • A woman who wants to be truly happy and "have it all" (and this means something different to each of us) in these “modern” times and feel IT IS possible with dedication and hard work.

  • A wife who has made many happy memories during the 17+ year journey of marriage while also recognizing that love is only one of the many features of a successful partnership.

  • A mother (of twin sons and a daughter) who loves her children dearly but who also wants to cry on occasion because it just never seems like what I give is enough. A caretaker who feels like she is working 24/7 to jump on the teachable moments but still not always able to get in those precious stories at bedtime.

  • A daughter (of a parent gone too soon) who misses her mom dearly. A daughter who still works hard to make memories for her children with their grandfather.

  • A sister who tries to stay connected to her siblings who all live in different states and who remain three points on the same triangle (we do have cats and some favorite movies in common).

  • A loyal professional who for years, organized her world to be present and impactful. A talented and skilled worker who learned to take a risk, turn the page, and move on from a non-supportive and toxic work environment, to focus on what’s really important—family. (It was during this time where I learned the greatest lessons and started to put happier PIECES IN PLACE).

  • A homemaker who believes that your living space should also be your sanctuary—the place you feel in control, safe, comfortable, and loved. An organizer who believes everything has its place and routines will keep you sane.

  • A good friend who loves to laugh and spend time with people close to me and who hold a special place in my heart. A friend who would do anything for those I care for and who has learned that time, presence, and investment in relationships is what truly matters.


Through the journey to put
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Image by Jansen Yang

I have learned to create time for the things that I love and that matter most to me: traveling and exploring new places with family, visiting loved ones, pot-lucking with friends, celebrating with family and friends during annual trips and holidays, going out to eat at restaurants, watching movies in the theater while eating buttery popcorn, and sitting by a wood-burning fire. And of course, Organizing! I love to feel settled and enjoy not always having a chore or project to work on. I love when my home reflects my warmth and personality and my family, work, and community “pieces” are in sync with each other and reflect balance. 

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