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Savor the Support

Just over 2 weeks ago, a neighbor of mine moved down South. She and I had become close over the past several years. (We also became each other "Target shopping buddies"). We really supported each other and helped each other out, especially when it came to caring for our combined children in the AM before school started. She sometimes had to leave for work early and I sometimes had early morning meetings and also had to leave. Neither of us had family close by so we leaned on each other when we were in tight spots. The day she left, the emotional attachment that we had formed, really hit us both; we both realized how much we were really going to miss each other.

Always remember to cherish and value those who support you, and reciprocate their affection. We all need people to lean on, and it's a blessing when we find those kindred spirits. As mothers and friends, we are not alone.

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