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Executive Coaching for Small Business

I have experience working with long-term clients and directing multiple sites. I am a professional with Masters level performance, and a focus on building systems, mass organization, tracking and reporting, professional development and performance management to name just a few.


I believe in the importance of creating and maintaining a positive work culture, where all employees can learn and thrive.


I have experience handling a full spectrum of human resources management functions and responsibilities. I know the importance of always implementing best practices so the company can always be at its best. In addition, I have the knowledge and experience of everything Human Resources that you cannot get out of a book. I have been demonstrating people functions in my roles as Director, working seamlessly to build the best departments possible, with the most diverse, talented, and coachable of employees.


I believe that a company is nothing without its employees and investing in them, produces long-term positive and profitable results.


I can help you transform your small business into an efficient and smooth-running company where your staff feel valued, appreciated, and empowered. I believe that creating a positive and inclusive work culture is crucial to running a growing, successful, and profitable business. I can play a key role and make a positive difference for your company and the people that I would interact with.

I have been a Director and hands-on strategic and executive leader for the past 15+ years, with experience in people-focused roles.

I have the education and training to make a difference on an individual and Team level. I am a great listener and demonstrate integrity with everything I do. I have the intellect, compassion, and dedication to work with all stakeholders, from the CEO of the company to the front-line workers. I am passionate in my work and believe in leading with distinction and setting the tone and culture for a company or organization that promotes growth, happiness, stability, accountability, and outcomes that lead to impact and growth– for the clients, staff and company. I am natural leader who is driven by new challenges and excited to take on any responsibility.


I dream big and make concrete, sustainable change.

I am available to collaborate with you in person to provide in-office assistance.

Must live within 75 minutes driving distance from me.

My Areas of Expertise 

Building a strong, coachable team that works in sync with each other
Prioritizing attention to detail, thoroughness, and task completion lists
Coaching of transformative and concise writing techniques
Strengthening professional relationships among colleagues and management & staff retreat planning
Assessing and evaluating staffing and departments
Creating a talent pool through detailed recruitment, coordination, and development
Increasing staff empowerment and coaching, leading to improved results
Consistent improvement with all methods of communication, transparency, and accountability across departments
Assessment of Quality improvement targets, analysis, and data collection
Meeting Room Business

You don’t build a business. You build people and then the people build the business.

Zig Ziglar

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